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Vision, Mission and Values

Great attention to detail, effective collaboration and a constant dedication to listening.

Our approach is to create tailor-made solutions to meet the specific needs of each customer. Through the talents of our steel specialists, we combine dynamism, flexibility, tenacity and intuition to define every detail of our steels.


Tradition and innovation for high quality processes and products towards a more sustainable future.


Improve processes and raise performance and quality levels to create more value for customers. We intend to undertake this mission with a close-knit team of competent, motivated and talented people in an environment where we can grow personally and professionally with constantly evolving training courses. A working environment where each of our people has the opportunity to contribute by bringing their own authenticity.


Transparency and sharing are the basis of the relationships we build. We are convinced that honest and constant communication, as well as willingness and openness to confrontation, foster mutual understanding and enable us to deal with challenges constructively. We build valuable relationships with a positive attitude in order to continue to be a trusted partner in the steel market.


Special steels produced by equally special people.
Continuous development through the experience and skills of those involved. We work in close cooperation with academic institutes and research centres in order to always be at the cutting edge, to improve synergistically and to maintain a dynamic approach that guarantees the high quality of our products.


We are deeply rooted in our territory, which has always been "the land of the drawing mills men”. A strong belonging that translates into a close affection, as well as a natural vocation for the metal sector. We support initiatives and projects that promote the economic and social development of our community, contributing to the well-being of people and the environment.

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