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The art of drawing iron [...] is truly the glory of the Lecco area, which has been rich in forges and ingenious craftsmen since Roman and pre-Roman times.

Officine Grafiche Fratelli Grassi, 1936


Italy's first industrial plant specialised in wire rod is born

United by a passion for metalworking, some local entrepreneurs decide to produce quality steel to supply the numerous drawing mills in the area and contribute to the development of the local economy.


The company changed its name to 'Acciaieria & Ferriera del Caleotto'.”

Research into new technologies has always been the driving force behind growth: the transition from steam to electricity, innovative coal furnaces for steel production, automation of the production cycle ... always ahead of its time. In 1908, a steelworks with a Martin Siemens furnace was set up and a machine shop equipped for all the plant's needs. On this occasion, the company changed its name to Acciaieria & Ferriera del Caleotto.

The 1930s

Over 2000 employees

By the mid-1930s, Caleotto was a complex production organisation, employing more than 2000 employees and workers.

The 1960s

The years of reconstruction and economic boom

The post World War II period saw Caleotto engaged in reconstruction and the development of a new social structure. The economic boom years are characterised by the strong influx of workers from the south of the country, who find employment in the more industrialised regions.

The 1990s

The abandonment of the steelworks and the centenary celebration

The 1990s were a difficult decade for Caleotto. In 1990 the steel mill was abandoned and in 1992 the company came under the control of the Lucchini group. In 1996, however, the centenary of the founding was celebrated.


Feralpi Group and Duferco Italia Holding take over the company in partnernship

In 2015, Feralpi Group and Duferco Italia Holding in partnership take over the company from the Lucchini Group. Production is maintained at the Lecco rolling mill, which is strongly linked to the territory, and the historical names of Caleotto and Arlenico, which have always been recognised and respected, are preserved.


Feralpi Group takes full control of Caleotto

In April 2020, Feralpi Group acquires 100% of the shares of Caleotto S.p.A. The steel group, one of the most important steel producers in Europe, takes full control of the Lecco production site, acquiring 50% of the share held by Duferco Italia Holding. As a result of the transaction, Caleotto is fully and vertically integrated into the Feralpi Group structure, which guarantees full support for the company's multi-year development plan.

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