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Business Unit Specialties

Caleotto and Acciaierie di Calvisano: together we form the Business Unit Specialties of Feralpi Group

An effective synergy serving the mechanical and automotive industries in the name of quality, speed and flexibility.

t / year

Billet production capacity

140 and 160

Section of the billets used

t / year

Production capacity of wire rods

From 1,400
to 1,850 kg

Roll weight

From 4.5
to 32 mm

Diameter range


The steelworks staff


The rolling mill staff

Steel Specialists

Caleotto and Accierie di Calvisano are the two companies of Feralpi Group that specialise in producing and rolling steel billets to provide wire rod for value-added special steel.

Our commitment is to achieve tailormade solutions thanks to an active listening of the customer’s needs.

Starting from the careful selection of raw material and research of the best quality for our final product, we cooperate on a daily basis with our partners to define every detail of the requested steel. By means of the talent of our people, we combine dynamism, flexibility, perseverance and intuition.

The recipe of our steel is special because it is made of the precious contribution of every steel specialist.

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A special synergy

Guaranteeing the higher standards in terms of product, process, service and assistance is one of the most important goals of the Business Unit Specialties.

The production process and the sharing of knowledge and competence through the whole process allow to pursue higher standards, which is typical of the special industrial applications. Our team controls all the process stages, by carrying out data captures and analyses. We identify the actions needed to ensure traceability and optimize the management of the whole value chain.

The quality of our product is the result of people’s skills, of their cooperation, of the ongoing improvement of plants, operational practices and of the implementation of advanced simulation and control systems.

The strength of the Group

We are part of Feralpi Group. Together we share a future-oriented vision and the founding values of respect for the people and the environment around us. We share a Group identity, which we enhance by being unique.

We integrate the ESG goals of Feralpi Group in our business: a concrete contribution for the transition towards more inclusive, efficient and with a lower environmental impact development models.

The close internal synergy creates a special combination of people, specific and diversified skills and qualities. This is our strength and an added value for our production and our partners.

Feralpi Group Sustainability Approach

innovating legacy
since 1896

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Creating value, while respecting people and the environment

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