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Sustainable Approach

Sustainable Approach

There is no action without strategy. And there is no strategy without values.

Responding to the Group's highest vision of "Producing and growing while respecting people and the environment", the Business Unit Specialties also adheres to the Feralpi Group's sustainability strategy, pursuing its business objectives in accordance with economic, environmental, and social guidelines.

Our goal is to develop more and more sustainable production, valuing people and promoting the well-being of our communities, in line with the values and principles of the United Nations Global Compact and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Group guidelines

The Group's sustainability strategy is based on seven pillars and serves as a tool for guiding business processes, from strategic planning to operational management, from investment allocation to risk analysis and management.

The strategy is implemented through:

  • the development of an ethical and responsible corporate culture towards the environment and society
  • a continuous refinement of governance to meet sustainability challenges
  • the execution of initiatives related to technological investments and process enhancements;
  • the establishment of strategic ESG KPIs and targets aligned with corporate ones
  • a transparent dialogue with stakeholders about objectives, actions, and performance.

Environmental Management | Life Cycle Assessment and Carbon Footprint

You cannot improve what you cannot measure.

Measuring the environmental impact of one's activities is the first step in applying actions to mitigate it. The analysis carried out on the entire production process of the Business Unit Specialties has enabled us to obtain the necessary certifications to assess and communicate the environmental impact of our products and act accordingly by implementing technological solutions to protect the environment.

Having the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), in accordance with ISO 14025 and EN 15804, and the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF), certified through the ISO 14067 standard, allows us to be transparent with regard to environmental information.

Ferrous scrap and electric furnace: how our special steel is made

The production process from which our steel is made is 'naturally' circular: everything starts with ferrous scrap, which is entirely recovered, selected by qualified suppliers, and then melted in an electric arc furnace to create new products. Of the existing technologies, this is by far the most virtuous.

Our responsible approach involves the entire production cycle, with a specific focus on the recovery of waste materials, reusing them within our production cycles or in external supply chains. 

The circular process of our Business Unit contributes to the reduction of raw material consumption and greenhouse gas emissions: through this commitment we actively engage in the challenges of climate change mitigation.

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